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OxyMax Fabric Roll, non woven

Non woven fabric roll dressing is composed of spun laced non woven fabric, coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive. It has an S type incision.


Product Specification
Packaging Selection
  • Highly permeable to both air and moisture, reducing the risk of skin maceration and infection.
  • Hypoallergenic. Gentle and skin friendly with special acrylic resin glue which provides suitable peeling strength.
  • Water-repellent spun lace woven fabric dressing which prevents wound area from getting wet during a shower.
  • Soft, flexible, conforms well to body contours.
  • Reliable wound dressing retention and catheters/ tubing fixation.


  • 5cm X 10m, 1 roll/ box
  • 10cm X 10m, 1 roll/ box