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ETT Tube/ Endotracheal Tube
  • Establish and Maintain an airway in seconds in Emergency Situations.
  • Provide direct and unimpeded airway to an from lungs
  • Available Cuffed and Uncuffed
  • Made from non-toxic, clear siliconise PVC material to protect delicate mucosal tissue
  • Thermo-sensitive PVC softens at body temperature for easy intubation
  • Reinforced and kink resistant
  • Flexible - comforms to patient anatomy and operative postion
  • All tubes fitted with 15 mm standard connector to ensure compatibility with circuit connectors
  • Smooth tip aids atraumatic intubations
  • Full-length radio-opague line for determination of exact tube location
  • 1 cm graduation markings to ascertain depth
  • Latex Free
  • Murphy eye ensures atraumatic intubation, and allows ventilation in the event of obstrubtion of the end of the tube


Product Specification